Spa Services


 Spa Bath

The Spa Bath uses only the finest, indulgent products to actively cleanse your pet’s deep-down dirt and dander (Specialty shampoo upgrades to complement your pet’s coat are available.) A Spa Bath treatment includes a nail clipping and ear cleansing with gentle air flowing, room-temperature drying to make your pet beautiful and comfortable.

Call 818-889-BARK (2275) for breed specific pricing.

Dog Grooming at The Barkley Pet Hotel & Spa

Salon Groom

A Salon Groom includes a Spa Bath, then adds hand scissoring per breed-specific standards (and/or to owner’s specifications). Salon Groom rates are dependent on breed type and coat condition.

Call 818-889-BARK (2275) for breed specific pricing.


Spa Treatment Packages 

NEW! Soothing Oatmeal Soak with HydroSurge – Helps relieve dry, itchy skin
Our new HydroSurge bath system creates a consistent spray of soothing oatmeal bath soak that actively penetrates through even the thickest coat and infuses the soothing relief of oatmeal into your dog’s coat and skin. The warm, relaxing and comfy oatmeal bath nourishes, moisturizes and soothes the skin to help relieve dryness and ease itchiness. We include all natural, John Paul Pet oatmeal shampoo plus oatmeal conditioner, a calming cranberry facial, relaxing paw soak and a special moisturizing paw pad treatment that your pup will love! Of course all this comes with lots of Barkley TLC! Ask our friendly Client Service team about adding the Oatmeal Soak with HydroSurge to your pet’s next spa bath or groom.

$25 addition to the base bath or groom price.

Shake-Off Winter Spa Treatment Package: This energizing spa treatment provides total harmony and balance of your pet’s mind, body and spirit, leaving your pup’s coat and body fresh, relaxed and energized. We start the spa treatment by first brushing  all the tufts of dead undercoat that your pet may have built up during the winter months.  We then wash your pet in our natural De-Shedding Shampoo, which is Hypo-Allergenic and enriched with Vitamins and Protein to leave your pet’s coat conditioned and silky smooth.  Following the shampoo treatment, your pet will experience a Dead-Sea Mud treatment which draws toxins from the skin, helps relieve itching, and leaves skin and coat moisturized and shiny.  The spa treatment then includes our Citrus Blossom Super Conditioner to maximize the benefits of the natural products used during the treatment.  During the conditioning treatment, your pet will receive an energizing and warming body massage that will release toxins, stress and tension.  We finish this luxurious treatment with a brush-through of our Citrus Blossom Leave-In Conditioning Spray to leave your pet feeling refreshed, rebalanced and smelling like Spring.

  • Undercoat Removal & De-Shedding Shampoo and Brush Out
  • Dead Sea Mineral Mud Treatment
  • Citrus Blossom Super Conditioner
  • Energizing Massage
  • Citrus Blossom Leave-In Conditioning Spray
  • Hand Tied Bow or Seasonal Bandana

$25 addition to the base bath or groom price.

Tropical Paradise Spa Treatment Package: Our special tropical spa treatment will transport your pet to paradise while gently hydrating and cleansing the skin and conditioning the coat.  Our tropical plant-derived conditioning shampoo combines gentle, biodegradable and non-toxic surfactants with skin soothing certified organic Aloe Vera to optimize your pet’s spa experience.  Next, we treat your pet to our Tropical Passion Super Conditioner to deep-condition, moisturize and de-shed in order to promote shiny and healthy skin and coat.  We end the tropical fantasy with a relaxing head and body massage and spritz of Tropical Passion or Coconut Cabana Cologne.  Your pet will be in total bliss, feeling clean, rejuvenated and smelling like they just came back from a tropical vacation.

  • Refreshing Tropical Passion Conditioning Shampoo and Super Conditioner
  • Relaxing Head and Body Massage
  • Delicious Spritz of Tropical Passion or Coconut Cabana Cologne
  • Hand Tied Floral Bow or Tropical Bandana

(This treatment is available in a Hypo-Allergenic Formula for the sensitive pet)

$12 addition to the base bath or groom price.


The Barkley Salon & Spa is Going Green!

We’ve added a new line of eco friendly products that are:

  • Certified Wheat and Gluten Free
  • Certified 100% Organic Aloe Vera
  • Paraben Free
  • pH Balanced
  • Non-Toxic Biodegradable
  • Vitamin and Protein Fortified
  • Always gentle and mild for sensitive skin

We are excited to offer luxurious pampering with environmentally friendly products to create happy, clean AND green pets. Ask for these new grooming products for your pets next grooming appointment.

Salon & Spa Specialized Upgrades

      • Conditioning Coat Treatment
      • Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo (fragrance free for allergies/sensitive skin)
      • Whitening & Blackening (used to nourish and restore color)
      • Puppy Shampoo (gentle shampoo/conditioner balance for growing pups)
      • Oatmeal Shampoo/Conditioning Treatment (for scaly, dry/itchy skin)
      • Waterless Shampoo Formula
      • Celebrity Package (Teeth Brushing, Pawdicure, Mud Mask, Facial & Head Massage)
      • John Paul Pet Experience – Treat your pet to a little luxury with John Paul PetⓇ specialty pet products. The “experience” include a choice of Awapoochi Shampoo with Shine Memory, Oatmeal Shampoo for sensitive skin , soothing Tea Tree Shampoo or Super Brite Shampoo and a variety of conditioners. If you love the way your pet looks, ask for this upgrade on your next grooming visit!

Additional Spa Services

  • Therapeutic Grooming: Therapeutic Grooming uses special therapeutic techniques and an exclusive line of fine Italian pet spa products with high quality natural ingredients that helps pets with skin and coat issues. Click here for more information.
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Pawdicure (nail smoothing, pad/elbow treatment, colored pawlish)
  • Mud Mask (relaxing and detoxifying to remove dead skin)
  • Facial/Head Massage
  • Fur Dyeing: Call for Quote
  • Fur Feathering
  • De-Shedding Treatment
  • De-Skunk Procedure
  • De-Matting
  • Private 20 Minute Massage (with 10 minutes increments available)